Wilderness Bike Ride Association is a grassroots community group based in Orbost,  East Gippsland, Victoria and was born out of the need to create a new future for Far East Gippsland. With the traditional timber industry in decline, our community is seeking new ways to remain vibrant and strong. Couple this with the fact that we live on the doorstep of some of the best cycling country Australia has to offer and you have the Wilderness Bike Ride Association.

We are   committed to developing recreational bike rides that build ecotourism in Far East Gippsland, as a means of creating a community building enterprise that offers people of all ages opportunities to participate, build skills and develop links between communities.

Our first event, the Wilderness Bike Ride Errinundra to the Snowy 2004 was an outstanding success. It was not only a sensational ride, it provided a positive new experience for the 70 odd volunteers involved and demonstrated to the community and those who invest in it  the huge potential of both our natural environment and the people who live here.

Presently we offer two annual cycling events and have an affiliated cycling group – SNOBS (WBR Inc.) , Snowy Orbost Bicycle Society.

About Youth Insearch

About Youth Insearch

Youth Insearch is an early intervention program that organizes weekend programs aimed at resolving issues affecting young people between the ages of 12-17 years. Youth Insearch works together with schools, local police and welfare organizations to identify adolescents who stand to gain from the program. The youth who have been involved in anti-social practices as a means to escape the difficulties they are facing are the main beneficiaries the Youth Insearch Initiative.

Youth Insearch is determined to achieve the following objectives:

• Boost the self-esteem of the youth to enable them become more productive and play a positive role in society
• Reduce alcohol and substance abuse
• Reduce cases of youth suicide
• Increase school retention
• Reduce crime, violence and abuse among the youth
• Prevent family breakdown by educating the youth on virtues such as love, patience, compassion, and empathy.

Youth Insearch features a peer-to-peer initiative where individuals who have excelled through the program help and mentor other young participants. During the weekends, the youth are encouraged to speak openly about their challenges and discuss solutions with the young people who have survived the same ordeals. At Youth Insearch, our vision is to have our program available to all the youth in Australia.